A love for letters

I love lettering as much as I love German Shepherds (and that’s a lot of love, trust me). I have been enamored by the art of lettering ever since I discovered it. If you aren’t familiar with lettering, it’s essentially the art of drawing letters instead of simply writing them.

The Jonnywow shop is a reflection of that love and my dedication to creating kickass lettering products.

About JonnyWow


Supporting Local Business

Firm Handshake With
Local Businesses

Small businesses are the heart and soul of America. Jonnywow has established relationships with small print shops, embroidery shops, and other manufacturing companies across the US. Building lasting relationships builds better products. Imported products are labeled appropriately, so you know exactly where your product comes from.

Green Business

Keeping Our Planet
Squeaky Clean

Earth is all we have until Musk gets us on Mars, so let’s keep it awesome. Jonnywow is committed to sustainable packaging. In my own way, I’d like to contribute to a cleaner community, which is why the packaging I use is mostly made out of biodegradable materials.


What’s Next for Jonnywow?

Interstellar travel, probably. But seriously, for now I will continue to create products for you to enjoy. My journey, however, doesn’t end here. My goal is to eventually create an educational channel where I can share my lettering expertise to newcomers and pros alike.


It has been a long journey to get the shop up and running, but it’s finally here. I am forever grateful to the people who have supported me and have helped me get here. And a big thanks to you for reading this. Just having you on my website means a lot. Now go buy my art.